Oh right, I must have missed the three 0s you tagged on the end there.

Seriously though, not everyone here is interested in how much it costs to buy a Dojo. Most people want to know what kind of fees are reasonable while learning.

True not everyone wants to know how much a dojo is, but in my opinion I think everyone should know about the disease of ussd. And alot of people go into theses things pretty naive and dont know the facts.
As for the test fees their 45 for yellow and orange and 60 for purple 75 for blue and I think its 100 or 125 for green 200 a piece for all 3 degrees of brown and I think 300 for black unless they raised it again?and by the way all the green and brown and black belt test fees go to headquarters.
So in short you are good enough to teach them to black and beyond but not good enough to test them?