a loooong time ago (70's), there used to be called a "Villari's Studio of Health & Self Defense". They started in Waltham, MA I grew up 10 miles away. At the time in the area, you basically had 2 choices of commercial dojo - Okinawan or Kenpo. The Okinawan styles were mostly run by ex-servicemen, the Kenpo places seemed to have been heading into the more competitive/sport side of MA.
Then came along a third choice - Villari...arguably the first blatent McDojo. except, at the time, there wasn't a word to describe what they were teaching...other than the phrase, 'wicked crap'. not sure what business model was employed (pretty sure it was 'pyramid scheme' like amway), but there were new studios popping up in surrounding towns faster than pizza joints.

My friends and I called it "Villari's House of Pizza" ...the joke was you simply go there and pickup your blackbelt as easily as ordering a pizza. fastfood MA-blackbelt in 2 years or less at a time when the bare minimum was 5 years of continuous 4x+ a week training.
We didn't think to give it the 'McDojo' name... probably because we didn't consider it a dojo...some of these places were even carpeted and they wore little kung-fu shoes...they even experimented with wearing robes during training, so it would 'whooosh' when they do spin kicks lol. I think they stopped that when too many people were tripping on their capes during demos. That was the basis of the style: 'How can I look cooler doing this technique.'
Picture a really tacky chinese food restaurant interior with freaks from a circus running the restaurant and you'll get the image of walking into one of these places during the 70's.

anyway, if you can imagine Villari graduates opening their own chain of pizza houses thru the years, each one adding and subracting to an already bad tasting sauce...then you'll get an idea of how bad USSD is.
USSD's pizza is a ketchup sauce w/powdered cheese on a cardboard crust served cold.

That sound tasty to anyone?