I think he meant buying the franchise for $120K. Of course, this won't cover all the support items such as videos, t-shirts, gear bags, uniforms, weapons & instructor training etc., etc., etc.

But don't worry, you can pass it on to the throng of students waiting to sign-up via the company's excellent marketing campaign & support.

In my area, the local newspaper (Orange County Register) prints a yearly suppliment - "The Best of O.C.". It lists the 10 "Best" steak houses, beaches, dance clubs (everything) including MA schools. USSD wins nearly every year. WOW!

And how does the paper get all the ratings??? You got it...the subscribers send in their votes. So a large chain-school will have many more students submitting votes (can you say fixed elections kids?) to launch their school into 1st place. Naive readers see this & guess what???

Billions & billions served...want fries w/ that?