I have been interested in taking Martial Arts my whole life. When I was very young (around 2nd grade or so) I started a karate class. After a few classes I quit and never went back. Now I am 15 and want to sign up somewhere, but dont know anything about it. I researched a little, and I think I want to take a form of Karate, but dont know which. Also, I dont know what to do to get in shape. I am not overweight, but what excersises/stretches should I do. I went running with my older brother, and made it a little less than a half mile before I needed to take a break. I know that isnt very far, but I havent ran in a long time and we were running almost as fast as I could. I would like to take a style of Karate that uses kicks alot. Also, are there any styles that teach flips and stuff like that? I know that might sound stupid, but I have always wanted to be able to do a flip on the ground.

Again, sorry if any of that sounds stupid, but I dont know the terminology or the styles. Thanks in advance!