Well there you have it. I hear where you're coming from. I guess i'll join a grappling class even if it doesn't teach exactly what i want, it'll still benefit me enormously.

Precisely. The better you become, the better your street fighting will become.


I'm not a beginner though. I am a very well experienced striker. What i need now is to explore the other aspects of MA and become more rounded. I mean, i have the ability to end an encounter quite easily from a standup position against an untrained or inexperienced person. I just haven't prepared for being taken down. It's not what i would like to happen in a fight, but you can't always get what you want.

Which is the whole reason you train the grappling aspect. If you have developed that good standing game, your ground game isn’t anything you have to “master”. You just have to know enough to stay safe really and get back up to your feet. Of course that takes time and a knowledge of submission and strike defense.


If i don't train for it and i suddenly find myself there, then i'm in trouble. The only thing i know at the minute is to employ foul tactics. I mean i KNOW what to do, but i'd probably lose agianst someone who has trained predominantly in this position and is comfortable on the ground. Until i learn to fight from the ground, i'm going to do everything i can to keep the fight standing. That's kind of what this thread is about.

Then you’re on the right track and I have no doubt that you’ll obtain what you’re looking for. You seem to have a great attitude!


Totality. Everything that can possibly be included. Does anybody train on the ground and include foul tactics whether in class or in your own time? If not then we'd better start. If i can't do it in class, then i'll most certainly be doing it at home.

I like doing it this way: 90% of the time, we’re using standard MMA-type training. For the last couple of rounds, we add foul tactics (simulating them obviously) so that guys have an understanding of how to defend from these attacks as well as how to attack using them. That way we end the session with a street sense toward everything that we have spent the majority of time training. Seems to work fine.

Good luck!