So i've been watching MMA competitions like UFC amongst others, and i've been seeing a lot of BJJ experts in the octagon, or at least other "styles" of MA using BJJ techniques. I've been wanting to join a class where they train in a lot of groundwork such as BJJ, but i would like someone to enlighten me beforehand on if there are any classes that not only teach you locks and gaining position, escapes etc. But that also teach you to use all your weapons on the ground. I suppose what i mean is that i don't want to be fighting on the ground for 10mins when i could end it more quickly by going for the eyes or ears or groin. Would a BJJ class have drills that teach this? It sure seems to me that a BJJ fighter would definitely feel in control if he was on top, but if you were in an "anything goes" situation, even if you have "the mount" which seems to be the mother of all ground positions to be in, then there is still a good chance that you could lose.
We don't do much groundwork in my class and i suppose that it would be a good thing to learn nonetheless, But do other systems train for totality on the ground, or is it something i'm going to have to do in my own time?
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