My recommendations are "Karate" by hidetaka nishyama & richard c. brown. Grappling Master by gene lebell. Training and fighting skills by Benny the "jet" urquidez. Nunchuku by Jiro shiroma. The dynamics of isshinryu karate by Harold Long & Allen Wheeler. Isshinryu by Master John L. Nichols. And last but not least Living the martial way by Forrest E. Morgan. All of these but the last were required reading by my sensei, who incidentally absconded with this book when he moved his school! also in the months after he left i was looking for something to fill the void so i joined a local teakwondo class which was set up in the local senior citizens library, only to foolishly lend that sensei the book, when he boogied out With the book too! seriously dont lend your instructors this book, you will never see it again!