Great books on your list.

-Wilson's translations and notes are great
-Morgan's book is one of the first I read, and I still enjoy it.
-All of Draeger's texts are classics.
-I don't know about the ninja book. I have a friend who loves that book, but i've always been skeptical of "ninja" books. I noticed that in Lung's book he has something about what a modern ninja would dress like, and that turned me off. Anyway, I would need to know about the author.
-I have the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, and, although I used to read it a lot, am not particularly fond of it anymore. I've began to feel that there isn't really anything original in there, and there are some misconceptions and misunderstood ideas. No disrespect to Lee.

Anyway, great list Ktulu!
In Budo, -Al