All of these are probably already mentioned somewhere, but this is my collection. Well what I could remember everythings packed away right now. Check them out. Some are advertised on this site.

The Lone samurai-William Scott wilson. Biography on Myamato Musashi.

Ideals of the samurai-William Scott wilson. Translated writings of samurai's and pretty much how they thought one should live his life.

The unfettered Mind-William Scott wilson. Writings from priest takuan written to yagyu munenori.

The Life giving sword-William Scott wilson. writting from yagyu munenori.

Hagakure-William Scott wilson. a must read for those interested in samurai way of life and thought.

Go Rin no Sho. The book of five rings. Written by myamato musashi.

Living The Martial way-Forrest E. Morgan. Applying warrior ideals to a modern way of living.

Akido and the dynamic Sphere- A. Westbrook and O. Ratti. A must read for akido artists.

Iaido-Akita Morji Sensei. Lots of kata pictures, good history.

This is Kendo, The art of japanese fencing-Junce sasanori. Classic book on kendo.

Kendo-minoru kiyoto. Another good book about kendo, but nothing more to offer then the book above.

Comprehensive Asian fighting Arts-Donn f. Drager and Gordon Warner. You will find a lot of refrences to this book while reading many other books.

The state of the art Taekwondo-master chul Whang and Jun chul Whang. dont remember how i got this book? But alright if you want to learn about taekwondo history.

classical Fighting Arts of Japan- Serge Mol. classic. Very detailed history on jiujitsu and jiujitsu-like lineages.

IAI-art of drawing the sword-Darrel Max Craig. Excellent book! One of my favs. Very detailed.

sun Tzu Art of war-Denma translation published by Shambhala.

Ninja shadow hand, the art of invisibility- Haha Lung and Christopher. Very interesting book.

Ki and the way of the Martial Arts-Kenji Tokitsu. One of my favs!

Tao of Jeet Kune Do-Bruce Lee.

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