I went to an expo in Lousiana in Feb/09 and I found a new groin protection I've been using ever since. Its called the Saw Flex-cup and it comes with compression shorts or jock. I got the compression shorts because its removable. This cup is amazing. Ive taken several hits to the groin since using this cup and let me tell you I was shocked. I wasnt sure at first that this cup would really proform like I saw it. In the demo the fighter was being kicked in the groin and it didnt seem to have a great deal of effect so I really wasnt sure wether the kick was being pulled. I took a chance though. Let me tell you its great. Its flexable, breathable, comfortable no brusing or diging and it protects. I think they will be in the stores soon I know in Feb they were not but they do have an info site online called saw sports. Check into it I think it will do exactly what you want. I know I love mine