Yeouch! So he broke one? Now I know one reason why the WKF is against removable cups, and why they changed tournament rules, but accidents still happen. Was he able to have kids after that?

While we're on the subject of undies, during classes, I've been using a pair of tight ones, then over that I put on the Procup, which is inside the also tight jockstrap that came with it, to prevent too much movement, like your method.

Doctors are against constant high pressure on the testicles, though, because it may cause infertility, but a sharp strike to the unprotected groin during sparring isn't a good alternative either. While sparring, I usually have one hand low in front, especially when I don't have the cup on, and that's probably why I used to get a fist or a foot on the face a lot, but it helps to develop your reflexes if you're handicapped this way.

I think I'll try to get one of those recommended by the WKF - how safe are those compared to the ones with removable cups?

I've responded late as I haven't been here in a while. Thanks, Ai-uchi. Any other responses from those more experienced is highly appreciated.