Hi all!
Well, once again, I'm asking a question I'm sure has been asked a million times before (again, I'm sorry, and if you want, just direct me to the old thread, and I can read what was posted there). My question is this: What do you do to help eliminate your telegraphic movements?
My main problem is this. As I've said before (in my post "Being short is the pits"), I'm pretty short (5'3-5'4) and I'm having difficulty getting close to my taller opponents to hit them, and I noticed last sparring night that my whole body moves when I'm moving, so my movements are probably obvious to my opponent. It's very, very slight, but still puts me at a disadvantage. So, any ideas/tips on how to move without being obvious? Like drills or certain ways to move the feet?
Again, if everyone is sick of answering this question, just direct me to the old thread!
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