.....and made a very bad decision. As a martial artist, I've always felt that if you get into a physical fight, no matter the outcome you yourself has lost, you've failed. I think that it is your duty to not upset someone enough they wish to fight you, or if you do, to be able to talk them down. Martial arts should only be used in situations you can't talk. Such as being jumped on a street, mugged, or any attack in that matter. However I went against all my beliefs last night.
I left the movies with my fiance around 9p.m. I told her to wait infront of theatre and I will drive the car up, since it was raining. When I drove up I saw a group of 3 males around her, about the same age we are. I immediatley got out of my car and started walking over. I new I would have to be careful because these didn't look like the kind of people you want to upset. As I got closer I could hear my fiance telling them to leave her alone, she tried to walk off and one slammed her against the building and said "Want to feel what it's like to get *censored* by a real man." He then shoved one of his hands underneath her skirt. Well at that I lost all senses and ran at them in full speed. They realized I was there when the guy who grapped her fell on his back with blood pouring from his nose.
I started shouting very loudly at the other two telling them to get out of here, one of them tried advancing and I swept his leg, he got up and bolted with the other one. The first guy was just getting up now with a broken nose and kicked him in the stomach and told him that I better never see him again.
That felt extremely good at the time. However now, I feel that it was the wrong thing to do. Was it? Should I have asked them to leave us alone, and walked back into the theatre where there were other people and called the police. I feel as if I failed as martial artist.
To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill." ~ Sun Tzu ~