When you study Judo you will in fact be learning techniques from older schools of Ju-Jutsu. It is common knowledge that many of the best Ju-Jutsu masters were consulted by Kano in the developement of the Kodokan techniques.


That's not accurate, Judo is NOT jujutsu. It was based off of jujutsu however it is far safer to practice than classical jujutsu is. Almost all joint manipulation techniques are dissallowed, there's a heavy atmosphere of competition and the footwork is generally very different. In addition almost every judoka I know has a special 'favorite throw', which is normally shunned in the jujutsu world.

Other thing I noticed, jiu-jitsu is NOT Japanese, that's something American and Brazillian. Jujutsu is Japanese. The spelling matters as they are 2 entirely different words and actually define styles of jujutsu from eachother these days.

If you like the competitive atmosphere, judo may be right for you. I have done some judo and found it to be quite fun. It is also a decent means of self defense for unarmed situations, and if you do a lot of randori (sparring) you will feel a lot more confident in your personal safety.

However it has no standing arm locks, leg locks are not allowed, no nasty attacks etc.. Plus there are very many judoka out there so if you happen to get into a fight with one you'd better hope he's not better than you, or he'll counter your technique right away.

Traditional jujutsu is better from a pure self defense standpoint, it includes almost all of the actual techniques found in judo (plus the nasty stuff judo removed for safety) but lacks the randori and competition.

Hope this helps.