Though, I wasn't the starter of this thread, I was curious how someone would explain these postures. Yes, the fifth row, first frame is the Mountain Man block. This speaks heavily to the idea of transplanted motions in kata without the requisite understanding of the applications.

When I studied TKD years ago, the higher level Poomse/Hyung (Kata) had these postures in them as well...the stupidest explanation for them was given to me, since evaluation of the bunkai was non-existent as expressed in my class and made me question kata training that much more. The explanataion was that this was a static pose of a double high block either with two punches, or two kicks, coming from two opponents 180 degrees from each other. Junk, as far as explantions are concerned.

Your copied drawings made me readily appreciate the bunkai, if nothing else. As far as the motion which entails the block and strike to throw...this is good as well and very reminiscent of the Judo training that I had received where you were always taught to lift the elbow in this manner for correct throwing. Interesting!