The American Kenpo kata are not related in any way to most of the other traditional kata found in Japanese or Okinawan karate.

The form is one of the longest and most complex in the AKK system (Long 7 is the final form in the system). It basically teaches how to defend against attacks coming from all 8 of the horizontal attacking angles (front, back, left, right, and the 45's of each).

It consists of 39 sets of individual, specific self defense techniques (ie; set #1 is against a L/R punch combo, set #2 is against a R/L combo, etc). The techniques themselves (each being approx. 3-5 moves) for the most part are the exact same ones learned in class and practiced on a partner. So, there is not any "bunkai" in the OMA/JMA sense. You already know what the application is.

Many of the techniques are simply mirror images of each other. This is significant in AKK, as the SD versions taught are specifically to one side or the other ie; "Sheild and Mace" is always done against a Right straight punch - never a left. So the students must literally be able to do EVERY technique in the form on both sides.

The use of angles and mirror-imaging of the techniques in the form is designed to give the student a higher level of coordination and awareness of the need to be able to work their skills equally on both sides.

Unfortunately, my meager Google-fu could not find any video of the actual form. I can give you this link of my former instructor doing some of the techniques in the form (although he is doing them on a partner).

If you can imagine those being done without the partner, and strung together mirror-image style, that is more or less what AKK forms are like.

Hope this helped.
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