Had a think, and once again I'd like thank Daniel for responding.

My issue with practically everything that I have seen the DKI do, is that it just doesn't take into account the way an actual fight would occur. NTKO's whether using Sound or Chi as the explanation simply do not work consistantly enough to be taken seriously as a Martial Arts technique let alone a combative one. I know that you guys have performed hundreds within the dojo, but when tried on people from outside that have failed time and time again. I know the argument that they are resisting and that on the street they wouldn't know it was coming on the street, but the way it is being experiemented on the T.V programs is failing. For me, unless it can be shown to work 90% of the time I wouldn't show it to anyone, let alone go on world wide TV with it.

As you so rightly said, NTKO's are bullshit in a real life fight, but if this is the case why go on world wide TV and promote it as a fighting technique? Whether Dillman said it or not, this is how it is precieved to the outside world. If doesn't work in real life, its not a fighting technique. If its not a fighting technique, its not Martial Arts in my opinion.

Recently, virtually all of the publicity about the DKI has been around the NTKO. At this stage of the game, I don't feel that this has any place apart from in a magic show. I want to see the DKI going back to what it does best, Kata Bunkai and PP research. I especially want to see it start developing effective combat ready PP attacks, that would work under the effects of adrenaline and against agressive violent opponents. I want to see the DKI stop marketing these unrealiable NTKO's, and show Dillman to be the great MA that I know he is, rather than a money making machine. I especially want the NTKO stuff kept out of Martial Arts until it is fully understood and can be be used consistently.

Until that time I don't think the DKI will earn any respect whatsoever, which is truely a shame.

Yours respectfully,

PS. I hope this wasn't offensive to you, I'm just trying to be honest. I would really like to talk TCM and stuff with you privately, but I think the issues I have with this stuff is the same as the rest of the guys on this forum.

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