Hi gavin,
Firstly thank you for the link,
If you want to understand who i am, i am the person that is fingerlocked by leon jay near the end of the video

I want to focus about the believer and not believer.
Have you ever tried to do something without believing in it? It became really hard. Instead if you are believing in that you're doing it became easier.
If you refuse something your mind make it impossible or really hard and viceversa.
If you are not a believer you are not able to perform a NTKO but you can be NTkockedOut, but you haven't to resist... resist like the NG expert.
I am soon of a medician and a nurse and in the beginning i was really sceptic and was hard for me believe in something like chi, chi projection, PPKO,NTKO ...
But a time i thought, now i try for 1or 2 years and if after i don't will became able to do certain things, i will send my instructor to hell and i will begin to do boxe.
But in this period i have to believe in that i am doing because if i don't believe i only lose time. When i start to train myself believing i become able to do that.
Somebody say that you can be everything you want to be just only you believe to be able, so your mind push completely yourself to became able to do.
Sure i cannot became mazinga z or ufo robot but if i don't believe in that i am doing i will not be able to do anything.
I am realist when i am doing MA and I want also to say that NTKO is bullshit on the streets (sometimes also pressure point KO is bullshit on the streets), but explain you the concept that you are not only a physical object but also an enegetic one, and you have to put your attention also to other things than the pysical ones.
Returning to the documentary, the expert of NG wanted to do an experiment, that you see when george project his energy aganist a person behind a sheet hold by 2 persons (it isn't a sheet but i don't know how to say that).
the experiment was so:

1. Put a person behind this "sheet"
2. The person cannot see anything through this "sheet"
3. The person don't know when george start to project his CHI
4. George haven't to do noises (so he can advert the person behind the "sheet")
5. let to pass + or - 2 minutes
6. An expert advert george to start to project
7. The person go down

This was an experiment wanted by National Geographic and George passed this exam with full marks, theres no suggestion in the NTKO this experiment demontrate this.

In the other corner, for the shouting NTKO, where a person try to hit george with a punch, george choose the weakest person (energetically speaking) that i know... but he isn't an actor and it isn't simulating.
If you try a PPKO on he work great...
The PPKO don't work easy on everybody (so you know), on somebody work with exceptional results and in other person work less, the same things are for NTKO. I am sure (and i know) that George and Leon choose weak person (energetically speaking) to perform their NTKO, but they were doing real things not tales.
I am sure also that Geroge Dillman is not become only a good MA master but also a good business man... but not a cherlatan.

Gavin this is only the head of an iceberg about that i want to say about NTKO,CHI,TCM, George Dillman, Ryukyu Kempo, the documentary and MA, but i prefer to go slowly and step by step.

I hope to be useful for everyone want to understand more about the documentary and their doubts.
Please everyone ask me directly on this forum everything he want, if i am able i try to answer to you.

Sure of your good intents

Kind regards Daniel