Just to let you know that the best selling book about the late Master Enoeda 9th Dan is now available in the USA through Kamikaze and also Rising Sun. In Europe though Schlatt.
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There are also some reviews of the book on the page above from around the world.

Chapter 1. 'Inoshishi'. Enoeda's early family life in Japan with contributions from his closest family, up to his time in Takushoku University.

Chapter 2. 'The Enoeda Era' The effect that Enoeda had on the world after his success at the 1963 All Japan Championships. There are some stunning pictures in this chapter and contributions from around the world including pictures showing Enoeda's time spent in the USA.

Chapter 3. 'Marshall Street'. All the information about the famous Marshall Street Dojo, with contributions from some of the original students in the club.

Chapter 4. 'Crystal Palace'. The stories, the training, the parties and the fun. All is revealed with photos and information from long serving attendees of the courses with the worlds top instructors that attracted many thousands of students.

Chapter 5. 'K1 JKA' The Scottish connection, with some great pictures and stories from JKA Scotland and the origin of the Enoeda personalised numberplate. Also Sensei Enoeda goes to Buckingham Palace and sees the Queen.

Chapter 6. 'Golf' When not teaching, travelling or training, time was spent on the golf courses of the world. Stories from Sensei Enoeda's personal caddy and some of his earliest golfing partners.

Chapter 7. 'The Books and Videos' All the details of the Enoeda Video tapes and books with contributions from some who took part in their production.

Chapter 8. 'Get a Point ! The Lessons' Master Enoeda's lessons, re-created in picture form, so that they can be preserved and used again and again by students and instructors alike.

Chapter 9. 'Sunset - The Legacy' Contributions from all around the world. From some of the worlds top instructors to the memories of young children who have trained with this great master of karate.