I agree that Matsubayashi Ryu is the possibly best and most widespread modern representation of tomari-te.

According to most sources, true tomaridi didn't come in to its own until Makabe's own students began propogating it. Being that Makabe learned from Sakugawa, his tode may have not been drastically different from that of Matsumura. Perhaps his chinese study resulted in differences, but who knows. One accepted idea is that distinctive tomari-te was a result of Matsumora, Oyadomari, and Yamada's study with the reclusive Chinese man, "Anan", who supposedly lived in a beach cave in Tomari. Being that Matsumora (and his students) made tomari-te te known as a unique form of tode, the teachings of Anan may very well have been a big influence.

Although Kyan, Arakaki, Motobu and others all learned some tomari-te, they also leanred shuri-te, so the styles passed on by them and their students aren't true tomari-te. According to John Sell's "Unante", Orthodox Tomari-te was passed down by Iha Kodatsu, to Nakasone Seiyu and Kuba Chojin, and now preserved by Yara Choi and Tokashiki Iken (of Gohakukai). I don't know if either of these men commercially or privately teach; something worth researching.

Edit to first post:
Nakasone passed away in 1983; Hokama lineage isn't active.
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