Listen up everybody. I have the secret to doing pushups. I found it on a body building discussion forum about doing really heavy bench press. I wanted to see what would happen if I applied the same principal to pushups and WHALA! Here's the link to the article

and here's the trick to applying it to pushups:

Keep your shoulder blades pulled together and tight while doing pushups. Instead of just doing pushups with the arms and chest, get the biggest muscle in your body involved, your back. The main reason that I had so much trouble doing pushups was not because I wasn't strong enough, it was because it was hard keeping my body stationary and stable with just my arms. If you squeeze your shoulder blades together tight and then try to do pushups, it creates a sturdy base for you to "bounce" out reps, EASILY! Plus you're contracting muscles from the strongest muscle in your body. That adds tons of extra power. Just be sure to sqeeze your shoulder blades TIGHT. I hope this helps, it certanly helped me. Try it and tell me how if it works for you guys.