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Keep in mind that the Ground Fighting System developed at Nightbreed is completely the oposite of what the Gracies Jui Jit Su would teach you to do, are moves are based on a much more advanced series of combat skills developed at Nightbreed.

Right! What do the Gracies know!

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Coal's training methods are extremely intense, but safe - a musician like myself, a surgeon, or anyone can safely train in the Nightbreed system.

The one-on-one training with Coal, being exposed to the drills he has developed, and observing and experiencing his command of the Combat Skills at Nightbreed is unforgettable experience, one I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to, and is prepared to become a better fighter than they ever dreamed.

First Chair Oboe Player ( Cleveland Orchestra )
Jeff Rathburn

Oboe players are t3h d34dly, you know.

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The next major break through came shortly after a few months of having a baseball bat being swung at my head with enough intensity to kill me.

I found that I needed to develop a way to disperse the impact evenly across the core of the body. After several isolated months working with the baseball bat, I had developed what I now call today -- Cohesion Absorption Technology C.A.T.

This new skill would allow me to withstand the heaviest of blows. This skill eliminated both the jarring of the brain and the shock to the body.

Right! Who wants to go first?

Hey guys, contracts. So it MUST be legit.

*throws self off top of tall building*

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