he only quote I would treat with any legitimacy would be the one by Leonard C. Holifield

You mean this Leonard C. Holifield:
Prof. Leonard C. Holifield - PH.D/MA., Soke
9th Dan Black Belt Sikaron Karate
6th Dan Black Belt Hapkido
ESI Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor / Protection Specialist
Founder - Sikaron Karate Federation
Founder - Int'l Academy of Executive Security Self Defense
Founder - Int'l Academy of Police & Military Self Defense

9th degree black belt? He doesn't look 80 to me. Also no one puts both MA and Ph.D. (note his spelling of PH.D) after their name, that would be like signing with both 3rd and 4th dan. Also anyone with a real Ph.D. does not list their title as Dr. XXXX, Ph.D. or Prof. XXXX, Ph.D. It's redundant. Finally, you never put a Ph.D. after your name in an unrelated field and I've never met anyone with a genuine Ph.D. in martial arts (no dissertation, no real degree). People who do this are misrepresenting themselves and are often very pompous (I never allow myself to be referred to as Dr. in a martial arts venue as that's not what my Ph.D. is in). So even if his relationship to Mr. Holifield is true I'm certainly not impressed.