The FEAR NO PUNCH website was excellent. The videos are about taking your defensive skills to the next level. I ordered the DVD series and this type of training is off the charts. 7 hours of the best illustrated instructional video I have ever learned from. I have to admit that this guy is really bashed on the internet sites, and now I know why, Coal Akida is incredible and makes other fighters and instructors look somewhat shameful, so I understand the hate for him on the internet.

All that aside every aspect of the Zero Fear Impact training program DVD is ground breaking!

I recently read about him training at Fort Carson and found FNP training technology articles in the Colorado Military Times observer. What I have come to understand is people hate what they fear and do not understand.

Although I have not done anything more than get the DVD and review the dvd my conclusions are as follows;

Coal Akida has created an entirely new set of combative skills and training methods and anyone that says different has simply not gotten the DVD period.

I may be only 22 years old but it dose not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Coal Akida has broken new ground with his FNP technology.

I cannot even begin to list the number of New concepts that Coal Akida has developed as each one of them could be a separate topic on their own.

I just want to inform those with the facts to make a better decision on creating a better training program and to talk with someone in regards to this new training program.