Hello Leo:

Congradulations on your accomplishment! (1000 posts... wow)

I would like to offer two minor clarifications to your thoughts if I might.

With regard to uniforms, they are functional for several reasons. They make no disticntion between gender, or ones financial status (or lack). Everyone is wearing the identical canvas material, satin material whatever the case might be. In that way everyone is equalized. In that manner uniforms are of value.

Secondly, one aspect of training which some have difficulty clarifying, is the question of "why" they wish to train. For some indeed, it is a simple question of perception/fear. Whether either have objective validity might perhaps be a very different question.

I propose one thing (regardless of ones disposition/predisposition towards combat, fighting) would be the issue of drawing our boundries. I contend that regardless of our goals, whether known or otherwise... I contend that as a direct and specific product of training, all of us learn how to ~draw the lines in the sand~. Whatever realm that might be physical, emotional whatever the case because we learn how to physically assert ourselves, protect oneself against our training partners... how difficult are the outside world challenges compairatively?