Some other "hashi" points (sorry, no pun intended)

When eating w/ friends & family, it's OK to pick up food from a common plate but it's good manners to turn the chop-sticks over & use the end you didn't put in your mouth (the clean end). To eat, just return to correct position.

Girls, they ARE NOT hair ornaments!!! To me, that kind of use looks as silly as a fork in a hair bun.

This drives me NUTS
You don't need to rub your disposable chop-sticks together more than a couple of times. I always see "gaijin" (non-Japanese) rubbing their sticks together as if they were trying to start a fire. There won't be splinters piercing your tongue & lips. If you notice a wayward splinter, just pull it free of the chopstick & keep eating.

Yes Kin...long Chinese cooking hashi are a lot better than wisk, tongs or spatula (except for eggs sunny-side-up & 2" steaks on the grill).