I don't think I've ever had anything to brag about on this forum...but I can for this topic. some random things on chopsticks: My proficiency with chopsticks is better than average (in Japan that is). For fun, we had challenges with native chopstick users...one was to eat an apple using chopsticks (no spearing, or resting the apple on anything)-I won that. my prize:I had to buy a round of drinks for the table.
I have extra long chopsticks for cooking and grilling. I'd be lost going back to spatula and fork. My half-Italian best friend adamantly refuses to have dinner with me unless I eat 'properly' with fork and spoon.
I'm a wooden scale model builder during the wintertime and designed and built a mini-crossbow to shoot chopsticks 50 feet. from 20ft away they stick into fairly soft bark on trees. I don't let the kids use this unsupervised of course, but they think it's cooler than 'ell.

on topic: it's considered bad manners to stick chopsticks in trees ...or eat apples with chopsticks for that matter.