"Michael Jay White as Bruce! Genius."

thanks, I was watching "exit wounds" the other night and that's why I thought of him.

"Statham would be wasted as Steve Fox IMO. If you watch his kicking technique in the Transporter his movement and style is reminiscent of Bryan Fury, be a shame for him to be restricted to boxing techniques only."

Yeah your right, he is a great kicker, and he moves quick for a big guy, Bryan Fury would be good for him if he could lose the british accent.

"If you want Jet Li in there, why not have him as Yoshimitsu?"

Jet Li play a ninja? no way! he is known for his awsome Kung Fu! Oh well...

"Wesley Snipes as Eddie I am not so sure about, just doesnt fit for me. Maybe an 'unknown' with more breakdancing skill than formal caipoera?"

Yeah, how about one of the brazilian guys from only the strong? And as for Wesley Snipes he could play Raven, think about it, look at him as Blade and look at Raven.

I'll keep thinking about the others too.
Even though you only have two arms you can still block with your forearms.