Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, all you have done is demonstated exactly my point.

You sat with your teacher and he said.......

You did not speak to any of the concerns that I mentioned in my post nor to any of the conditions that prompted my approach. What you did was act out exactly the sort of behavior that produces the sort of mis-information that the originator of this thread will take to be true.

Now, lets give the originator of the thread some alternative. KODOKAN JUDO (Jigoro Kano; 1986) has an entire first chapter dedicated to the art of ju-jutsu. It identifies a number of goals including "throwing, hitting, kicking, stabbing, slashing, choking, bending and twisting the limbs, pinning an opponent and defenses against these attacks." Killing is not specified as an intent.

And since Don Draeger in his writing on the origins of ju-jutsu and yawara states that these arts were developed as a non-lethal ALTERNATIVE TO Yoroi Kumi Uchi we might safely conclude that while a technique CAN be lethal that was not the original intent or design of the technique. (See: MODERN BUJUTSU AND BUDO). Draeger also quotes Kano's objection to ju-jutsu. To wit:

"Many ju-jutsu ryu often indulged in dangerous practices such as throwing by rather unfair means, or by wrenching the limbs. This led not a few people who had occasion to witness those wild exercises to deprecate jujutsu as being dangerous and harmful to the body." Death is not mentioned.

This is the way modern practitioners of MA need to communicate information to others. Your snide comments and sarcasm did not make your arguement any more valid and suggested to me that even as you were defending your teacher you are aware that such a way of validating information is fundamentally flawed. FWIW.

BTW: Just as a side note.... among traditionalists such as myself, the use of Japanese terminology to identify Korean material is becoming increasing less accepted. I am probably aware of the technique you mentioned and may have even done it. However, if you are going to address me interms of my own art it would probably be a service to at least use nomenclature appropriate to the art I practice. Just a thought.

Best Wishes,


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