Glad2BeHere...since you practise hapkido you should be familiar with the throw Tomenage, This throw at the point where you would normally pull both arms down to flip up into mount, the traditional Kito Ryu way is to pull only one arm causing the person to land on the side of the face with their whole body to follow and the intention you ask? well it is to kill.
Same sort of thing with the hip throw..instead of letting them down gentle and depending on them to break fall, what happens when you keep their arm and drive them face first into the concrete? and what is the intention? i can assure you it is not just to harm the person.
My instructor and i had a quite detailed conversation on this last night, Kito Ryu is what you might like to call the "father" of all the jiu jitsu, judo and yes even hapkido arts. It is the eldest martial art in these fields with a little less ground work than other systems. Jigaro Kano spent his whole life changing these techniques to make them able to be used in practise and so that people could practise 6 days a week instead of the original training of maybe a week on and a few months off to heal. Why was this necessary for Kano to do had the throws and techniques not been lethal?
As soon as i asked my instructor, He answer my questions instantly with saying The throws were all designed to kill or maim the opponent. Does it not make sense that this would be so? If you are on the battlefield you cannot waste your time trying to finish an opponent after administiring a throw, geez you might be killed from behind. Wouldn't it make sense to use lethal throws on the field instead? You know like cut out the middle man.
Glad2BeHere, if you are still unsure my sensei has given permission to scan his Kito Ryu Instructors Registration Certificate.
You seem to me another person who believes that their way is the only way. And their art is the only art. And i dont believe how you mocked me believing my sensei when he told me these things. Who has been feeding you your information? Were you fed this information by documents to prove what they were saying was for real? And if youd like to, feel free to search "Kito Ryu" in any Search engine and read up on it before you try to tell me and my instructor we do not know what we are talking about.
Glad2BeHere, also if you are found to be correct, please take me under your wing and teach me everything you know..but dont forget your documents. And if you are trying to tell me i shouldn't be on the internet at my age...i find that amusing seems as though you are much older and shouldn't you be at work or something? Training maybe?