Dear Folks:

Since I am not exactly sure how to address or to whom I am using this venue in the hope that individuals who manage this site will have a chance to consider my suggestion.

I am writing to suggest that either the policy o fhti Net switch to the posting or disclosure of the actual names and locations of the contributors


A moritorium be declared on the disclosure of potentially dangerous information. As we cannot know for certain to whom we are writing let alone who may be in LM as our notes are posted, I submitt that we are unable to actually control the distribution and use of potentially dangerous information on this site. Into this category I would include the making and conceealment of small weapons, close quarters fighting utilizing lethal methods (IE "sentry elimination") and the indiscriminant distribution of literature pertaining to subjects such as these.

I do not pretend that chosing not to allow such information on this site will preclude the distribution. However responsible adults will already know how and where to find such materials and information and are able to take responsibility for their actions. Minors and individuals of less than healthy intent may also ultimately get ahold of these materials but at least it will not be with your complicity. Thoughts? Comments?

Best Wishes,