I concur. I too have come across Francois Lepine, aka Maha Vajra a number of years ago. I've done all sorts of things, logging a lot of time in yoga, qigong, and various meditation styles under other teachers.

I realize that my opinion will not be a popular one. however, I've noticed that whenever I followed Maha's teachings, particularly his Kuji system, with regularity that moments of spiritual revelation would come much more frequently.

In times when I had financial stress, he never turned me away because I couldn't afford a book, or headphones for discussions. He gave me the books, and even money for headphones. He did not require any service from me in exchange, and it is out of a desire to repay his kindness that I decided to chime in here. Even though I went my own way numerous times over the years, he always quickly responded to my questions and offered guidance.

Shawn Zemba