Hey, great stuff here about Kuji-in/Kuji-kiri and related material!

As a student of martial arts and a seeker on the spiritual path, I have come across many people claiming one thing or another. Making claims is the easy part. Following through on them is the tougher part. Following through consistently is practically non-existent.

One thing I can safely say about this thread, is that the one called 'Telecino' here, is the real deal. The Venerable Francois Lepine, or as I call him Maha Vajra, has taught me much about spirituality, Buddhism, and the Kuji systems.

I have been training in his system for years and have experienced very real results. I am content that he knows what he knows, for I have felt it for myself and I continue to feel it as I progress in my own travels on the path.

With respect to all, I count myself blessed to have found such a teacher. He teaches in a way that is meaningful to me and to many others. His lessons have been verified through numerous classical sutras and text, that I have found through other channels and that Maha has provided. The message is clear and consistent. The messenger is too.

My thanks to Maha for his teachings, guidance, and support on my spiritual journey.

Tony Griffin