I might add to the article of Rev. Jion Prosser that i agree only a master/disciple relationship can transmit the wisdom and consciousness in the most efficient way. However, eventually, somewhere in the past, some people created this practice without someone teaching them. It is possible to learn by oneself, only it takes longer, much longer, since the higher consciousness of the teachings has to be acquired alone, thru dedicated practice.

May i also add that the Buddha himself, on his death bed, declared that he allways thought esoteric and exoteric wisdom to whoever came, without discerning one or another, as he did not believe that a master should hold secret the sacred wisdom, keep a vital teaching from anyone.

If a seeker wants to practice something of high level of wisdom, and he is not allowed to recieve the instructions about it because of distance or availability, then it is really better to send this seeker to other activities that will discourage him on his quest? or should we give the seeker whatever will at least bring him closer to what he aspires?

I have given the esoteric and exoteric wisdom about Kuji-In, and i am about to write a book on Kuji-Kiri, adapted to a modern environment, where i do speak of the Buddha's message, about eliminating the cause of suffer, but i abstain from saying words that would prevent the seeker from accepting the teachings. In this moderns world, some people do not want to ear about the Buddha, or Faith at all, so i use words like Supermer Consciousness, and elevated self trust (which is faith).

The Buddha instructed us into finding expedient means to bring people out of their suffering. In this situation regarding martial arts, the martial artists seek power. They think at least that they seek power, while in fact they seek happiness, but under the experience of power. So, instead of speak to them about happiness, i'll show them everything so that they can acquire power. This is the Buddha's teachings. Once these wonderful martial artists discover themselves in power, they will finally yearn for a higher level of wisdom, such as pure happiness based on nothing. Thus, until someone has experiences what he seeks, he will not be satisfied. If they want power, i'll teach power openly, without restraint, without fear of the outcome.

When someone goes to a doctor or drugstore, he can get pills, and the bottle says "take X pills, for X times, but do not go boyond X limit". Thus, when i deliver wisdom about Kuji-In or Kuji-Kiri, i do not fear the absurd warnings that past masters declared about the misuse or abuse of mystical powers. I simply say "Use Kuji-In in X ways, doing X thing, and do not go beyond X experience until you actually get there".

Why do i not encase Kuji-In in a religous experience? Because the people don't want to know about the religous experience, but about Kuji-In. I share the wisdom in the way that it is requested, in order to provide a satisfaction about the specific need, so that the seekers can go beyond. Once filled with the power of their experience, they will be mature and responsible enough to decide if they wish for a religious experience or not. This is none of my business. The Buddha instructed me to bring happiness and aleviate suffering for humanity. This is exactly what i do.

There has been discussion around the web about my comptenence and authenticity, simply because it is hard to esstablish such a thing. Suffice to say that those who know, they know. Last month, i was having initiation with the Grand Master of my religious order (Hongaku Jodo), the master Yushi Misu Daishi Sensei acknowledged my work and the title of Ajari (Sanskrit: Acharya, English: Bishop). I also had very nice conversations with Shinong master Numai Ticho about Mikkyo and the celebration of Vajra in various forms. Together, we don't care about titles, ranks, acknwledgements, authenticity, but the world seems to care, so here you go. I've met with some of the highest masters in the world of Buddhism, and we agree about each our ways of doing, because being Buddhists, we can only rejoice when new people practice the tools of the Dharma, be them Buddhist or not.

Awaken, awaken allready, the lot of you. And until than, get your hands on Kuji-In and Kuji-Kiri material, with lots, limited, or no guidance at all, and practice diligently. In your heart, what you realy desire, it will come to be while you put your focus onto it. If you are a bad person using power to cause suffering, karma will get to you faster if you use mystical systems. If you are a good person, then eventually you will awaken. Stop being afraid of seing peopel practice faith in whatever way they wish.

My karma was to be born in occident, where temples are rare and internet is common. I accept my karma entirely. You should all do the same.

As long as you agree to those:
- Not to kill
- Not to steal
- Not to lie
- To have responsible sexual behaviors that does not cause suffering
- Not to intoxicate yourself, or do stuff that makes you lose your mind.

The above are the only precepts of life that the common people need to respect in order to prevent the cause of suffering. From this, the label on my bottle indicates the proper possology and warnings. Read the label, understand it, then dive into the contents.

May you all be blessed on your path.

Ven. Francois Lepine
Hongaku Jodo (adapted as Quantum Buddhism)
Modern enlightened master

PS: You should also try to find a good teacher/master, to accelerate your progress, but only if you feel comfortable about it.
Ven. Francois Lepine http://www.kujiin.com