Hi guys,

My name is Francois Lepine, creator of this Dragons of Justice web site, that was complimented two posts away (on page 4). Thank you for the positive comment.

In case you are interested in Kuji-in, i'll be giving a LIVE and FREE audio conference at http://www.livemaster.org. Kuji-in was used by more than martial artists, but the martial artists were the ones to make it popular.

Kuji-in is a part of the japanese buddhists "mikkyo" or esoteric teachings. It is a simple ritual practice that makes your entire system work better, and has other nice side-effects, like the increase of strength.

For expample, the more your brain can push electricity into your muscles, the stronger you are physically. This is an expample of scientific application of kuji-in to enhance strenght.
Ven. Francois Lepine http://www.kujiin.com