This subject has always been shrouded in mystery because of its use for religious purposes. It must be remembered that historically, in the old civilisations of India, China, Japan, Tibet, there were no real division between subjects that we now call science (in the sense of the study of physical phenomena)and religion, as all physical phenomena have or were the workings of divine attributes or agencies.

So the "mudras" and the energetic effects their practices produced were seen as the conscious chanelling of divine presence(s)and the claim by some to have "visions" only serves to reinforce this. So it was something you do not teach just anybody. Even Jesus Christ was thought to have some "secret" teachings He taught to only certain desciples.

But now seen in more secular terms and accepting that the whole universe is but a closed energetic system, the mudras are a kind of antenna to harness the ambient energy and in certain context, have talismanic qualities. This occurs at the "microcosmic" when mudras are done at the individual human level.

At the home level, the intuitive placing of a potted plant, art work, sculpture etc. is a form of 'mudraic' energy chanelling.

At the town, city, national level, the mudras are the huge monuments placed at strategic locations, the mosques with the minarets, the churches with the high spires. Imagine the enhancement of the ambient cosmic energy when hundreds, thousands of people, worshipers congregating and single-mindedly focusing their attention on one object or place.

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