Hi Everyone, I have been reading some of your posts for a while on this and other forums. I have enjoyed your conversations. I would like to offer some insight on the finger signs. I was fortunate to train with someone who I met at a security seminar. This guy has a vey diverse background - I've been around the block a few times but nothing ever came close to this guy. He has a wierd and very applicable style. One day I asked him what some symbols he had on the wall were and he avoided the question for some time finally telling me it was mudra. I probed him for the meaning of this and tried to find out what it was for , but he changed the subject. After about a year of on and off training for security measures, I asked why he never answered my question. He said it was for his students only. These rituals are very closely guarded. This guy is very traditional. It takes a lot to get any info from him. I hounded him for a few months just to get a training session and then months after that I was still begging for some tech. He is all about loyalty. I finally developed a good relationship and was allowed to see some really affective tech. which have helped me many times in my line of work and I would say have actually saved my life a few times.
please don't post ridicule as I am posting this with the best intentions. The mudra are in Nines. He explained that most everything is in nine or 3. In numerology the 9 is a significant number. the number of man i think. The post with the 10th one being special is on track with what he told me. It seems that each mudra is consistent with a chakra and there is a specific idiogram that you trace with a certain finger sign. over time the medidtation on these points is to develop your internal power. They are somehow tied to accupuncture points. I have felt some weird things while training with him. He can hit you in the arm and it feels like your belly moves to your ribs. Tiny little nothing strikes seem like a sledge hammer. I researched it and never found anything close to what he showed me. It seems the most known is bujinkan and steve hayes. My friend brought up a point I think is valid. He stated that the old ways were not to be let out and learned by us. It is his belief that many of the so called old ways were a smoke screen for the round eye. He studies Tai Chi with an old guy who lived at the temple in China. He tells me of a story of how the village was invaded and the new rulers wanted to know the secrets of thier fighting. It's just a myth with a point, but it goes that the invaders were taught to crawl on the ground like babies. They practiced this and went backa and trained thier own. When they fought again, they fell to the ground and crawled and were killed. This is what he says has happened to most arts. the old secrets are almost all but gone. I asked a few times for more info, but he keeps telling me that I am not a student or "disciple" and wouldn't tolerate the training.
Now the other side is he didn't show me anything that I could remember. He once quickly showed me the 9 hand positions and traced a couple things in the air. He told me these things were held in a sacred way and only for "disciples". I was grateful for the info but it makes no sense.
Sorry I couldn't help out more but maybe you can get an answer from this guy. You can email him at THEDEADLYPUZZLE@NETZERO.COM. hope that helps a bit.