first mistake, he asked me not to repeat it so I won't. As for the reason I don't know, I just repspected him enough not to say anything for what, 12 years now.

Presumptious? Come on I just stating the obvious because you quote:

"I was hoping that someone who does ninjutsu could enlighten me. Specifically, what is the historical connection (if any) between the kuji-in as practiced by certain ninjutsu-ryu and tantric-yoga? Or was this knowledge handed down via Buddhist influences and how (i.e. thru whom)?"

Your an armchair theorist. Researching Kuji-in, for what reason? So you know where it came from? Its not who made the gun, its weather you can shootn it or not.

I have no doubt that you are more knowledgeable of the specifics of the history concerning Kujin-in or whatever.
But don't ask a question from a practioner former or otherwise, then brow beat him for his answer.

You sound like a wannabe and I would bet if you were in the same room with someone who actually practiced, trained in, lived and breathed ninjitsu, you would [censored] your pants. Come to Dayton Oh, we got three Dojos in spitting distance, bujikan that is. Internet threats and challenges are childish

Long story short, this would be what? mistake number 4?.


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