Thanks Jonathan (evileddie13)


As for trying to learn how to meditat with the finger weaving, your better off learning just how to meditate period. Or, finding a good teacher who will teach you GOOD taijitsu. No point in trying to master space and time with RETSU if you can't move out the way of a punch in the first place.

It's a tad presumptious to think that, don't you think.


I do know Rittenhouse was knowledgable about it because he did share one thing I was told not repeat. It was just a meditation, not trying to get all CIA or anything.

Hey, I know lots of "secrets" too, but I'd have to kill you if I told you, so don't go telling nobody I told you this. OK?


we were told finger weaving came out of India and moved west, ending up in Japan. It was the Shinobi who actually made them combat effective,

Close, but not close enough. Try Shingon Mikkyo...