I used to practice ninjitsu, well taijitsu actually. Whitch is the same thing really. I trained under Kurt Rittenhouse, who trained under Stephen K. Hayes, who trained under the Matsakkit Hatsumi, Soke. Granted I haven't trained in awhile.
But I am going to share some of what I was taught in the meditation area. We were taught ,finger weaving, if you will
for the 5 elements. The meditations were guided. We were also taught to have a soft focus, basic med. stuff. When it came to Kuji-in, it never really was discussed. We were basically told not to worry about. I only made it to Go Don so I am not sure if it was going to be introduced later in training. I do know Rittenhouse was knowledgable about it because he did share one thing I was told not repeat. It was just a meditation, not trying to get all CIA or anything.
The attitude in the dojo concerning weird mind powers and the like, was that it was normal and a part of training.
Remember, the 5th Degree BB test is to have the Soke swing a sword at the back of your head. Also, I did see Jack Hoban in a seminar knock out several PPL with slight slap to the chest. The 'victims' if you will said it felt like an eletrical shock.
In trying to answer the above question, we were told finger weaving came out of India and moved west, ending up in Japan. It was the Shinobi who actually made them combat effective, if you will.
During that time in my life I was really into Western Magick and Wicca. And you will be suprised about how many similar they are, in basic theory. Like, the Grind in Kuji-Kiri is like the Lesser banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Read 11 lessons of the High Magickal Arts by Donald Kraig and you will get it.
As for trying to learn how to meditat with the finger weaving, your better off learning just how to meditate period. Or, finding a good teacher who will teach you GOOD taijitsu. No point in trying to master space and time with RETSU if you can't move out the way of a punch in the first place.


The above is a site I just found. I was impressed, was pretty straight forward.
In finish, I am just starting to learn how to meditate and its really hard. This is coming from a guy who used to practice 45min ritual with all the fury of a good pagan.
so, if anyone is intrested I can show them how to use finger weaving where it concerns the 5 elements. Give the basics and let you go from there. I take NO responsibity for what happens and will give you some basic warnings.
As my spelling, I am sorry but I blame Google. Oh, and i think i get Kuri-kiri mixed up with Kujin-in. My bad.


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