adaca wrote:

Here is my point.

Boxing with gloves is one of the best sports for conditioning agreed.

But my point is minus gloves ?

You still have the attributes developed through the practice. You still have great footwork and evasive movement. You still have great defense. Defense is more important than offense in my opinion.


and no hand conditioning?

What do you mean by hand conditioning? Like, Iron Palm training or something? That really only screws up the structure of the hand in the long run anyway. Itís easier just to not hit with the hands. People who train boxing can use their elbows and knees to hit with. One elbow is worth about 4 or 5 punches anyway.


I dont thk all MA's train the same.They train for different reasons

If they want to train doing just kata and kumite then so be it

But some MA's are just as fit as most competing boxers are or should be.

I donít anyone is arguing that martial artists canít be in shape. Its just that boxers are often in the gym for hours and hours. Anyone, regardless of style who is willing to put in the time can get into decent shape. Itís not limited to boxers of course. But, nearly ALL boxers are in great shape. The same canít be said for martial artists.


Im not sure who some of these guy's are in with Bas rutten but one thing that occurs to me is it would seem that they havent got hand conditioning or seemingly any kind of punching skills

They havent got the confidence to punch baz rutten

Had they perhaps this fight would have been a different story.

My point is in a bare knuckle fight (as in some on this vidio) need bare knuckle tactics.

I presume these are palm heel strikes by baz rutten?

Oh, thatís pancrase. What you were watching were ďworkedĒ fights (fakes) used in the Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling fights. I wouldnít pay a great deal of attention to those.