Hey guys just wanted to know if you can still use boxing for realistisc self defense. My bro says its the only combat Olympic sport that can still be used for the street. I just wanted to know if any of you think it still is a good art to learn for some self defense skills??

Having boxed for a long time, and taken part in various other arts. I can say that for me, boxing is the first thing I turn to, it has its strengths...no one hits harder or has more effective and "clean" punches.

It does have a down side, boxers are terrible in the guard compared to ther arts...they try to catch punches on the gloves in the ring and that transfers onto the street.

Another weakness is that it doesnt utilise all ranges of fighting, like kicking range, grappling range etc. But if its a quick explosive show stooper you want, boxing will give you many hay makers...it then depends on you, and how well you know your art....if you are a good boxer and your instincts and the science behind it is sound, you shouldnt have a problem

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