Sirkickslot - Thats where we are different I also hold high rank in a trad art, but I admire and understand boxing. Its strength and weakness, every system have them. My brother was a pro boxer now a journeyman still thinking he can. Thats another story I've seen boxer destroy people on the street quickly, with clean boxing and street boxing. But I've also seen them taking out their element and beaten down. I've seen them quit, when a guy kick him in the knee. A boxer with a future not going to let you mess up his wheels/legs. Your brother probably is a good street fighter no doubt.

We fight how we train, if they train it they will do it. I'm not saying you can't take boxing and build on it. But what I am saying you grab both arms of a boxer and he will go into a clinch or cover up. Perfect for being sweept off his feet.

I know how powerful, fast and tough they are but if they just come out of a boxing gym they are limited by the range they know of fighting. Most if they don't have a street back ground may let an opponent get back up. Or heiastant to continue to attack down opponent. Because they are comfortable standing.

Boxing is awesome sweet science. But its rules limits it effectiveness at all ranges is all I'm saying. In its range its a T-Rex, but out of its range its a Shark on dry land.

If you make it street orintiated its an awesome addition. But I stand by you fight how you train, unless you've trained/fought in other things.

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