They threw baseball and softball out of the Olympics, the first games cut since rugby in '36. They will not be played in London in the 2012 games.

There has been talk in the past of cutting fencing from the games, citing poor attendance and practical untelivisability. (Is that a word?) I believe that it is European block alone that has kept fencing around (I know that most Americans don't give a care about fencing). Do you think that the sport will be cut soon? Why?

I donno why they were cut, but I can only assume it was cus to few nation do them, I mean is it japan and USA that plays baseball ? it is the only countries I heard of that does
the sport is not even read about in schools
softball we did sometimes for fun, bt I never even seen a official competion for it in sweden

but fencing got alot of ppl participating from alot of diffrent countries, right ?



It's one of the original sports in the Olymics and I believe that the number of countries involved will ensure it stays where it belongs.

umm, 776bc they fenced ?
did not know they made such blade then, or even that roman invented them
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