A question was brought up recently about counters to the Guillotine or Front Headlock Choke. Here is my take on it.

#1 Standing or in the guard, the first priority is to protect your airway. You do that two ways: 1. By turning your head in toward your opponents ribs. 2. With your hand, pull down on his wrist to give you some relief. These need to be done simultaneously to give you best chance to effectively defend the immediate threat.

#2 If you are both standing, the second priority is to upset your opponents balance and take away his leverage. One way to do this is to reach with your free hand (*he is choking you with his right arm, your head is on his right side*) over his opposite shoulder like you are trying to grab his belt. As he lifts to apply the choke, he is now lifting all of your weight, not just your head and neck. If he keeps trying crank it on, let him get tired. Go for a single leg and dump him on the ground.

If you are stuck in his Guard and he has a Guillotine, follow the same guidelines. Protect your airway. Reach over his opposite shoulder, get up on you toes and drive into his neck and throat with your own shoulder. Hold tight as he will be trying to tap you out by pushing you away with his hips. If and when he opens his legs, remember to pass to the opposite side that he has your head. This is a self correcting error. If you goof it up, you'll only do it once.

This is a BJJ101 counter to the Guillotine. I know there are many variations but they all generally follow the major points above.

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