You can find someone in any martial art that will represent it badly. From what I have seen (having taken several different kinds of martial arts) the way we train is the most comprehensive. We cover so much, and the level of your own involvement is up to you. If you merely want to learn katas fine. Myself and a few others train in katas, weapons, sparring, grappling, wrestling, boxing, self defense, anything that you can imagine. Some of the moves may seem kind of strange but overall, I would be confident in the training that we recieve compared to any other. This is not to say that I or even my teacher could beat anyone in the world, there is always someone better, all I'm saying is that as far as the training that we do, I have yet to see anything more complete and comprehensive. We welcome people from other areas to come train with us to see what we do. I think you'll be impressed.