I'll look for you if I make the trip. I'll probably be testing for Yellow within the next 2 weeks. I've got all 10 Short Katas, all 10 Sparring Techniques, and the required Self Defense techniques down. Now it's just a matter of getting them to instinct-like speed. I know all of their applications (well, at least 3 per kata) so I'm pretty confident in my abilities at the moment. I sparred (no contact) for the first time against a 1st degree black. If it were contact he would've killed me, but I got in around 4 or 5 moves he thought were nice and commented on. I then sparred against a 2nd Brown and I felt more confident with this sparring match. I got several good moves in, which as did he since he's got more experience, but I was overall pleased with how I did. I figured I would be embarrassed by them both (which I kind of was by the black).