Having had the privilege of coming to Japan and training, I am currently looking at ways to make this available to people across the world. My hope is to be able to help non-Japanese come to Japan and study the martial arts that they love, and get help in finding dojo that will train them. I've known several people here in Japan who have had trouble finding what they wanted to do, or even come across excess hostility, which drove them from doing what they wanted.

My idea is to set up a place for people to stay and help them find friendly places to train here in Japan. I was able to get aid from certain foreigners when I first came here, and this is something I would like to pass on and make available to others.

Is this something people would be interested in? Would you want to come to Japan and get additional instruction in your art? I'm trying to gauge interest and not trying to sell anything, so please either respond to this message or PM me if this is the kind of thing you'd enjoy doing.
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