The responses so far are outstanding. Let me see if i can clarify what i was referring to though. This is mainly for those with experience in both IMA and EMA (of any origin). As we well know external styles have their own way with alignment for power generation and that it can be very different from IMA. Do any of you feel there is a connection within the training of EMAs that is either there and trained incorrectly or is only touched on due to it's teaching being lost over the years or never being understood in the first place?

For example: Is it possible that due to various changes made in how forms and techniques are performed in say Shotokan compared to Shito ryu based on the founders interpretation of how they should be done or what would make them more efficient that the possible "internal" connection has been lost? That is if there ever was one.

My point is since most arts share similar influences wouldn't it make sense that something more than portions of various kata and some basic mechanics would have carried over? I feel that these connections may have been lost to some arts due to the rushed attitude by some and that maybe some founders of other arts did so due to the fact that they failed to grasp some of the internal aspects of their training. So even though these founders, and i'll use Funakoshi ONLY as an example, didn't have a firm grasp of these internal aspects so therefore opted to leave them out, but they have managed to bleed over into the styles they created due to the fact that proper movement and alignment are integral to all aspects of training and therefore canít be removed completely. With this in mind would a practitioner in IMA who is at a point in their training where they can recognize this proper connection that Kempoman is describing be able to recognize hints of the same connections within Shotokan for instance? Not adding their knowledge of this connection to Shotokan but recognizing what may already be there but has been glazed over due to lack of understanding by others. I'm not using Shotokan as a specific example for any reason other than to get a point across. You can substitute any EMA there, Shito ryu, aikijujutsu, Goju ryu, TKD what ever.

Mind you i'm nowhere near any kind of epiphany. I've simply been noticing things in other systems that have some how sparked this odd thought. I can't even truly tell you when or where it came about or if it's nothing more than over thinking and analyzing things while i was injured. Who knows, it may have even just been the pain medication. I hope i didn't confuse everyone.
Enjoy life while you can, you never know when things will change.