Alright I'll send it to you, for some reason I thought I did.

I will begin by saying that I had gone thru so many iterations of this my wife is very tired of hearing 'Hey, I think I've got it this time' her only response now is 'That's nice dear'.

IMO connecting the body correctly is connecting the body correctly whether you want to call it internal or external. Many people have put together different pieces of it and call it internal. These things will make your striking and movements more powerful but it is still night and day when compared to moving and striking with whole body power. Erle Montaigue teaches that fajin is what makes something internal, but that is only a part of the story. Rick Moneymaker's group teaches 'waveforms' which is similar to Erle's flavor of fajin and they will also make your striking and movements more powerful.

On and on it goes, but what is missing is the actual connections that must be there in order to produce actual whole-body-connected-power.

I have found that the six harmonies (three external and three internal) are the results of making the correct connections and not things that you should be trying to 'make' happen.

For your reference here are the six harmonies...


1) hand and foot

2) elbow and knee

3) shoulder and hip


1) xin and yi (mind and intention)

2) yi and qi (intention and energy)

3) qi and li (energy and physical force)

When you have the proper connections the body is aligned in such a way that it seems to respond as a single unit. I know that this may seem confusing but there is no other way to convey it.

When you ask internal master's what moves first that always say 'everything'. I always thought that they were either being secretive, flippant or purposefully cryptic.

They weren't.

It is very difficult to explain to someone how it feels when they are properly connected. It is like a bunch of connected gears, turning any one of the gears turns the whole mechanism. I that that it has been explained like this by many people and it never quite gets the point across.

I think that what is never said is that it is not a conscious effort to move the thing as a whole. When they say that it is like that set of gears they mean it, exactly like that set of gears. Moving anything the connection moves everthing else.

Now here's the kicker, I am not talking about anything that remotely resembles shaking or waving or whipping the body. I am saying that any local movement will produce movement in the whole system all at once. It is not chain reaction (which still can be powerful) like waveforms, it is a entire mass movement of every part at once. Once again you are not trying to move everything everything just moves. This is why it is almost impossible to convey thru words. I will be sending out some information on how to connect the body to a select few here to see if I am able to convey the physical component and get repeatable results. The reason that I am doing this is because I no longer feel that it matters what movement set xingyi,bagua,taiji,karate) you put with it. I feel that you should learn to connect everthing first and then
learn to move and then learn to fight with it.

Did I just ramble?


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